hotel kiss cesenatico
hotel kiss cesenatico

Zadina di Cesenatico, a green oasis that, beyond the pine forest, leads down to the beach.

Hotel Kiss is located in Zadina, the greenest and most naturalistic area of Cesenatico thanks to its pine forest and pristine beach. The location is logistically perfect for many activities during your vacation days.
Ideal for experiencing the sea, or reaching different destinations and discovering fun places.

On the Beach. From May to late September, the beach is the ideal place for the whole family. Fine sand and safe seabed for all kinds of activities. Cosy, modern and trendy bathing establishments both for aperitifs and food, and for sports and outdoor activities.

Green in Zadina. Children's play areas, picnic tables, a good 6 km of green shade connecting Cesenatico to Cervia. Five hectares of nature where it is possible to organize guided tours with experts from the Forest Guard. The Ponente park, on the other hand, comprises 13 hectares almost completely planted with trees and includes two soccer fields, an area for entertainment and picnics, playground, paths that can be traveled by bicycle and on foot, and a cross course dedicated to BMX and mountain bike enthusiasts. A space for events and music reviews.

Zadina, Cesenatico

hotel kiss cesenatico

Cesenatico, ancient fishing village.

Authentic seaport, fishermen, trade. Even today the soul of town life is Leonardo's canal port. Here fishing boats dock and the best restaurants overlook it. In the upper reaches of the canal, the Maritime Museum houses ancient boats, sails and colorful hulls, centuries of fishing and maritime trade.

The beaches, public green spaces, marina, seaside gardens, sports facilities, and fish market.
Cesenatico offers its guests a panorama of interesting attractions from food and wine to art and culture. Nature, history, and sports.

OUR RECOMMENDATIONS for visiting Cesenatico:

  • A walk along the Canal
  • The return of the fishing boats with the catch early in the morning
  • The ancient fish market
  • The birthplace of Marino Moretti
  • A concert at dawn by the sea
  • The Piazzetta delle Conserve and its fruit and vegetable market
  • The Pantani Museum
  • The Levante Park

Cesenatico & surroundings

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hotel kiss cesenatico